Coquitlam Command
Mobile Command Centre

Coquitlam 1, or “Coquitlam Command” as it is called when it’s is the command centre of a search, is the first thing Coquitlam SAR volunteers see when they arrive on a search, and often it is the last thing we seen as we leave. It’s the nerve centre of any task that Coquitlam SAR manages. It’s the gear repository, planning centre, communications platform, briefing and debriefing room. It’s where the logistics of a search are worked on, and it’s air traffic control when helicopters are in the area. And it’s the warm place where lost hikers arrive after being rescued.


Coquitlam SAR recently undertook a 4 year project to replace our mobile command centre, culminating in the November 2016 dedication of the new Coquitlam 1.


  • 2015 Ford F650 DieselJust before delivery
  • Command area
    • Custom aluminum interlocing panel box built at Intercontinental Truck Body of Surrey, BC
    • Three internal rooms consisting of
      • Operations: command, communications and logistics
      • Utility: entry area, printing, and equipment rack
      • Planning: team briefing and debriefing, planning, interviewing, and general purpose
  • External
    • 6 external storage compartments
    • 3 external awnings for covered working space
      • 1 large solid awning door enclosing
        • counter height desk
        • 11′ counter height storage area for convenient access
        • LED lighting
        • communications and power in compartment
      • second large powered and lighted fabric awning
        • protects side access door and rope rescue equipment
      • third large powered & lighted fabric awning on drivers side

        Power distribution panel

        Power distribution panel

  • Power
    • Onan 8kWh smart diesel generator
    • Victron MutiPlus hybrid inverter / charger / UPS
    • BlueSea AC and DC distribution panels / monitoring systems
  • Communications
    • 5 VHF radios: ICOM digital
    • 1 UHF radio
    • 1 MSAT satellite phone
    • 1 six line radio console
      • main communications station
    • 3 four line remote radio consoles
      • remote communications
    • 2 LTE Smart hubs providing
      • 2 independent internet connections
      • 2 phone lines
    • internal VoIP phone system
      • 6 terminals capable of 8 independent phone lines
  • Computers
    • Dell R430 rack mounted server
      • dual redundant power supply
      • SSD RAID
    • Lenovo Desktop workstations
      • UHDTV Computer monitors
      • SSD HDD
    • Peplink 310 Load Balancing router
      • automatic balance / failover between internet backhaul
    • HP Proliant PoE Smart Switch
      • Provides Power over Ethernet to VoIP, WAP and other devices
    • Cisco dual radio Wireless Access Point
  • Other
    • Roof access ladder
    • Light duty radio & communications mast
    • Digital radio tracking system
    • Stabilization system (hydraulic jacks)

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