As we mentioned in a previous post, several of our members attended Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht recent seminar in Richmond, BC; “Beyond Cold Water Boot Camp

What we failed to mention is that much of Dr Giesbrecht’s seminar is available on video, which can be downloaded from his web site. You can also order the CD or DVD for broadcast in the classroom.

This information can help you survive a fall into cold water, an event that tends to kill people but with the help of this seminar is preventable — people can survive immersion for quite a long time with information contained in these videos.

In other news, Dr Giesbrecht along with Ted Rankine, received the National Search and Rescue Secretariat award for excellence in Education and Training at the annual SARScene conference, which several Coquitlam SAR members attended on the weekend of Oct 28-31. The award recognizes their efforts at putting together the Cold Water Boot Camp program and it’s success at saving lives.

Congratulations Dr Giesbrecht and Ted Rankine.