The build of Coquitlam SAR’s new Mobile Command Centre is moving along in Surrey, BC!

Team members have been back and forth to Intercontinental Truck Body every week or so to check on the development of the truck and body, and to make minor changes and adjustments and we’re getting very excited by the progress we’ve seen. After working on this project since 2012 it is encouraging to see the vision becoming a reality.

As you can see from the pictures above the new command centre is quite a bit larger than Coquitlam 1. The body of the truck is divided into three compartments -the main operations room at the front of the truck where the radio operator and SAR managers will work, a small central room near the side door where the equipment racks and printers will be installed, and a rear breifing / planning room which will be equipped with a projector, table, bench seating and its own side access door.

One of the major features on the exterior of the truck is the large awning door on the passenger side. Unlike police or fire, SAR command centres have to support a large number of responders, and the large side door will open upwards to create a sheltered area, exposing white boards, equipment, and other facilities for SAR members to make use of during a search. In addition to this sheltered area, the completed unit will have three additional awnings to add more dry working space around the sides of the vehicle.

ITB tells us that the projected delivery date of our new command centre is late summer. We’ll keep you updated on the progress.

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