Coquitlam 2
Mobile Equipment Vehicle

Coquitlam 2 was put into service in 2001 as a secondary command post and mobile equipment vehicle. In the chance that Coquitlam SAR

is called upon to manages two searches at the same time, Coquitlam 2 is prepared to be the command centre. For regular searches it provides 4×4 off road transportation of searchers and equipment, and tows Coquitlam 3 (the rescue boat) and Coquitlam 4 (the 8×8 ATV). Coquitlam 2 has been send to mutual aid searches as far away as Pemberton, Whistler, Squamish, Hope, and Mount Baker in Washington State, as well as being sent to the 2003 Kelowna Firestorm.


  • Secondary Command Post
  • Transportation
  • Utility
  • Mobile Communications Relay
  • Mutual Aid


  • 2001 Ford F350 4X4
  • Crew Cab (driver and 4 searchers)
  • “SpaceCap” Fibre canopy
  • 4 Multichannel ICom VHF Radios
  • 1 Multichannel ICom UHF
  • 1 portable Sat/Cell with roof-mounted antenna
  • 1 detachable GPS with vehicle mount, roof mounted antenna and computer capability
  • 12,000 lb Winch
  • Tow capability with electric brake assist
  • Off-road lighting, spotlights, front side and rear scene lights and remote control search lights
  • Code 4 light bar
  • Loud hailer, sirens and klaxon

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