Coquitlam 3: Rescue Boat


Coquitlam 3 is a 23’ Aluminum Shallow Water River / Lake / Ocean Boat commissioned in 2021


Coquitlam 3 is the team’s rescue boat. Ground Search and Rescue in BC includes inland waterways, and since Coquitlam is bounded by the Fraser RiverPitt RiverPitt LakeIndian Arm and Burrard Inlet, and contains several lakes and rivers, we frequently require a boat to transport members or rescue people.


Coquitlam SAR trains for swift water rescue and Coquitlam 3’s Jet Drive provides us with a safe way to get in and out of difficult locations on the water.

SAR Volunteers that are part of our Marine Response group are trained to Transport Canada’s Boating Safety Standards as well as SVOP and MEDA3.

23’ Aluminum Shallow Water River / Still Water Boat

  • 490 HP Kodiak Jet Drive
  • Multichannel Radios
  • Radar / Sonar
  • Interior Cabin Space for Crew and Subjects
  • Rescue platform
  • Swift Water Rescue Equipment
  • Transport Deck